Flexible Financing for Every Roofing Project

We make sure customers at all budget levels can comfortably afford the deductible or entire project of needed roofing work.

Many of the home exterior remodeling services we provide are part of an insured roof replacement, repair, or even storm damage restoration. Usually, the majority of the cost is covered by the homeowner’s insurance. However, there is usually a deductible that must legally be covered before we can begin work.

These deductibles can be hard for homeowners and small businesses to cover alone, especially when the work is the result of unexpected damage. That’s why we at ATR Roofing offer financing options through HEARTH Financing. HEARTH Financing not only helps cover deductibles but can also fund entire roofing projects that are not covered by insurance companies, making it easier for you to get the roofing services you need without financial stress.

Financing Your Roof Replacement Through HEARTH Financing.

When your home renovation has been approved by insurance but you can’t manage the deductible, you may have another option. HEARTH Financing allows customers to apply for a loan that covers their deductibles—allowing us to quickly get to work on your home. Additionally, HEARTH Financing can fund entire roofing projects that are not covered by insurance companies, making it easier for you to undertake necessary renovations.

The process is quite simple. You’ll be able to apply through their online app and complete all of the forms in minutes. Once approved, we can get started with work right away!

ATR Roofing strives to provide affordable services for all customers throughout Central Indiana. From a simple roof repair to a combination siding and roof replacement, our work is priced for homeowners and businesses of all kinds.

If you are interested in learning more about financing your deductible or your entire roofing project, give us a call or fill out our online form. We’ll explain the process further during a no-obligation consultation.